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Because the Himalayan landscape is irresistible, reaching the heights and being a part of the landscape is an experience beyond comparison. We have designed trips with you in mind - whether you are a novice with no trekking experience, but have a desire to trek or whether you are an experienced mountain walker looking for wider options. Our treks range from easy adventures for the family to strenuous ones for the fit. On our treks and climbs, we have very skilled and experienced "Sherpas" who will take care of you at each step.

A typical trek day:
Wake up call is between 6am – 6.30am with bed tea after which a bowl each of hot water is given to wash. We give you an hour’s time till breakfast – consisting of porridge/cereals, bread, pancake, tea/coffee, eggs, jam/marmalade/honey and peanut butter - to finish packing your duffle bags and clearing the tent. The crew in the meantime dismantle the tents and begin loading the ponies/porters.
Leaving camp after breakfast, you carry your packed lunches. Hot lunch is served wherever possible (depending on the trekking region and distances). On arrival in camp, washing water is given to freshen up after which tea /coffee, and snacks are served. Dinner usually begins with soup at 7pm or earlier and is a full course menu of either continental, Chinese, local cuisine ending with dessert and tea/coffee/ hot chocolate.

Our meals are wholesome and nutritious but you could carry a bit of candy bars/ bites to munch on the trail whenever needed.

You need to carry in your rucksack/daypack, just your camera, reading/writing material – in case the ponies are a bit slow in getting into camp, a light jacket and your water bottles.

If you feel your daypack is a bit too heavy we have our Sherpa assistants to help whenever needed, even carry your daypack.
Water is thoroughly boiled and served in camp. It would be best to have 2 bottles as it can get very hot during the day and you need to drink. Water is boiled and given at all meal times and it would be best to fill your bottles at dinner so that the water is cold in the morning before you set out.
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