Goodbye Dr. Paul Roberts

Dr. Paul Roberts (third from left) participated in Rimo's first trek to Mount Mera in 1990

Dr. Paul Roberts (third from left) in one of his many treks with us participated in Rimo’s first trek to Mount Mera in 1991

All of us at Rimo Expeditions were greatly saddened to hear that Dr. Paul Roberts passed away earlier this month on 2 May 2014 at his home in Beaconsfield, England.

Dr. Roberts, a respected physician, was a dear friend of Rimo Expeditions and he and a group of his friends held a very special place in our hearts as our very first clients on our very first trek to Mt. Mera in Nepal back in November 1991.

Mt. Mera wasn’t Dr. Robert’s only interaction with Rimo.

Over the years his passion for trekking the Himalaya never stopped and he traveled with us to other parts of the Himalaya in to Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan.

Doctor Roberts also introduced us to several of his friends who like him travelled with us all over the Himalaya. Many of his companions were from The Fell and Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District of which he was an active member.

We kept in touch with Dr. Roberts over the years and he with as, even as his health deteriorated and prevented him from taking the treks he so greatly enjoyed.

In November 2010 Motup and Yangdu visited Dr. Roberts at his home in Beaconsfield when they spent a wonderful day going through pictures and reminiscing about the treks.

Dr Roberts, we will always remember you fondly.

Rest in peace.

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Mountaineering challenges in the Indian Himalaya and East Karakoram profiled by Economic Times

Rimo’s Chewang Motup on the approach to the first ascent of Padmanabh (7,040 metres) via the Teram Sher Plateau

Rimo Expeditions was quoted in a feature article in The Economic Times recently with the provocative headline “Why India lost out to Nepal, Pakistan, China in mountain adventure.”

In the article Yangdu said:

India still has the maximum number of unclimbed and technically challenging peaks in the world in east Karakoram and Garhwal regions. International climbers find these very exciting but often shy away because of the amount of paperwork.

At Rimo Expeditions, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of exploration in the Indian Himalaya for almost two decades, always advocating for a more streamlined approach to the amount of paperwork, permits and various visas that often accompany an attempt to climb our mountains.

Despite the challenges we’ve succeeded and pioneered many first ascents on mountains such as Padmanabh (7,040 metres) on the Teram Sher plateau and Chongkhumdan II (7,080 metres) and glaciers such as the South Terong, Shukpa Kunzang and Arganglas. We were also involved in the first ascent of Saser Kangri II, until last year, the second highest unclimbed mountain in the world.

Rimo Expeditions camp during the first exploration of the Teram Sher Plateau in Ladakh

We’re happy that the ministry of tourism, the Indian Mountaineering Foundation and the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India  are coming together to promote the Indian Himalaya as part of the Incredible India campaign.

Much work remains to be done.

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The geology of Ladakh

Ladakh batholith in the foreground with Buddhist monastery and the Indus Group in the background. Photo and information from

Our clients include people from all walks of life and they ask us all kinds of questions which we are usually happy to answer. But rock formations and geology can be tough one sometimes!

We were happy to discover, however, that Christopher Spencer, part of a group of geologists who went rafting with Rimo Expeditions on the Zanskar River a few years ago put together a very helpful blog post at

So next time someone asks us what rock formation that is or what to expect on one of our treks or expeditions – as far as geology goes – we can say stuff like this:

Our journey to Ladakh will traverse a cross section of a classic volcanic arc complex. Beginning with the Indus suture zone and the Ladakh oceanic arc proceeding through the Shyok suture zone and all its ophiolite goodness to the Karakorum continental arc. This transect covers nearly 100 million years of subduction magmatism and accretion and over 50 million years of continent-continent collision …

… The Ladakh batholith is characterised by coarse-grained granite and granodiorite with abundant diorite enclaves concentrated at the margins and nearly absent towards its core. In the core of the batholith, large potassium feldspar dominate the mineralogy. The main part of the Ladakh batholith comprises the Late Cretaceous-Eocene (102-50 Ma) granitoids which is bounded on its southern and northern margin by the Indus Group and the Shyok suture zone, respectively …

…Across the Karakorum fault is the Shyok suture zone (my favorite part of the trip). The Shyok suture zone is a thick mélange considered by many to be a remnant of a Cretaceous back-arc basin separating the Ladakh island arc from the Karakoram continental arc and thus the Asian margin. The suture zone is primarily an ophiolite mélange, with mafic volcanics and minor amounts of sediments incorporated in the mix.  Within the Shyok suture zone we find many of the classic parts of a supra-subduction ophiolite complex with exception of the sheeted dikes and layered gabbros. However, like many ophiolite complexes the lack of these components might imply either that they did not form as part of the oceanic lithosphere or that were removed during tectonic erosion during continued subduction and collision, which appears to be the case in the Shyok suture zone.

Thank you for the great post!

For the full blog post, please click here.

Some more photos from their blog:

Prayer stones with Indus formation in the background. Photo by

Geologists rafting on the Zanskar with Rimo Expeditions. Photo by


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Rimo Expeditions celebrates 20 years!

Yangdu and Motup on the summit of Stok Kangri (Ladakh) circa 1990

Time flies.

It’s hard to believe that we turn 20 this year!

So here’s our story:

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Kanchenjunga Ridge trek is a journey through a Himalayan wonderland

The Ultimate Kanchenjunga Ridge trek offers spectacular views. Photo by Rimo Expeditions

The Ultimate Kanchenjunga Ridge trek (20 days) is one of the most spectacular treks in India.

Starting out at the tiny Sikkimese village of Uttarey, you travel along the Singalila ridge until you arrive at the high Himalayan meadow of Dzongri and trek to the high point of Goechala, just kilometres away from Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world.

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Successful mountaineering expeditions to Nun Kun and the Shukpa Kunzang glacier in Ladakh

On the summit of Nun. Photos by Tarmo and Jane Riga

We are happy to report two successful ascents of the Nun Kun massif (Nun 7,135 m /23,409 ft) and Kun (7,077 m / 23,218 ft) by teams from Germany and Estonia.

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Lunana Snowman trek in Bhutan rewards the ardent trekking enthusiast

Bhutan's ancient capital Punakha. Photo by Rimo Expeditions

There’s no better way to experience the magical kingdom of Bhutan, the land of the thunder dragon, than by doing the Lunana Snowman trek, a rigorous but rewarding 26 day journey through the remote and rarely travelled Laya and Lunana valleys of north-western Bhutan.

Rimo Expeditions has been conducting treks in Bhutan since 1994. Our journey crosses numerous passes, reaches an altitude of 5,600 m/ 18,480 feet and begins in Paro, the second most popular destination after the Kingdom’s capital Thimphu.

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A family adventure in Ladakh can never start too early

Where the Wild Things Are! Photo by Ian Ray

It’s never too early to learn mountaineering.

Just ask 7-year-old Jordan and five other children from the Ray and Strickland families, aged between 10 and 15 years, who spent two weeks this past summer on a memorable family adventure in Ladakh with us.

The highlights of the trip included trekking to remote villages, visiting ancient temples, doing glacier walks and the ascent of a 5,800 metre peak. The children were young, but their enthusiasm was infectious and it helped that they had each other to have fun with.

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Playing polo in Leh at start of Ladakh Festival

A polo match between Team Shyok and Team Indus launched the 2011 Ladakh festival. Photo by Rimo Expeditions

Polo originated in Persia (Iran) and was introduced to Ladakh, where it is hugely popular today, from neighbouring Baltistan around the 15th century.

In Ladakh, every major village has a polo ground and the game is an integral part of the cultural fabric of the Ladakhi people where music, especially drums, accompany the scoring of each goal. It is also one of the highlights of the two week long Ladakh Festival every September.

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Just weeks left to sign up for the rafting adventure of a lifetime on the Brahmaputra

Ben Stookesberry kayaks the upper Brahmaputra (Siang) in Arunachal Pradesh. Photo by Chris Korbulic in

There are only a couple of weeks left to sign up for Rimo’s Great Brahmaputra rafting expedition starting on 4th December 2011 in Arunachal Pradesh. World renowned extreme kayaker Ben Stookesberry, who ran the Siang as the river is known in Arunachal Pradesh, calls it a “must do” trip.

You will be rafting the river with some of India’s most experienced guides and it promises to be an adventure of a lifetime! It’s a river that made it on to the the 2012 Ultimate Adventure bucket list in National Geographic.

So sign up and come on board for a chance to visit not just an enchanting land but an incredible river. An earlier post on our blog gives you a sense of the trip, and here’s where you sign up. You can also take a look at our events page on Facebook. We are excited about the trip and look forward to you joining us.


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