Successful mountaineering expeditions to Nun Kun and the Shukpa Kunzang glacier in Ladakh

On the summit of Nun. Photos by Tarmo and Jane Riga

We are happy to report two successful ascents of the Nun Kun massif (Nun 7,135 m /23,409 ft) and Kun (7,077 m / 23,218 ft) by teams from Germany and Estonia.

Located in western Ladakh in the Zanskar region, not far from the Indo-Pakistan border (line of control,) Nun Kun is a coveted climbing peak and a key part of our mountaineering program.

The expeditions last about two to three weeks and provide the rare opportunity to climb a mountain in the 7,000 metre range in such a short time.

The Estonian expedition for which we only provided logistical support was a non-guided 3 member team.

On Nun. Photos by Tarno and Jane Riga

Nun. Photos by Tarno and Jane Riga

Other successful expeditions included an exploratory trip to the Shukpa Kunzang glacier in the East Karakoram by a joint Indo-French team.

For years Rimo Expeditions has been exploring the remote region and its many glaciers, many of them which are being visited for the first time. More on that later.

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