Fixed Departures
Listed below are all our Fixed Departures.
Region Trip Code Trip Name Activity Days Start End Price Availability
GarhwalKumaon RIGGT 2 The Great Garhwal Traverse -Kalindi Khal 21 Days 19-Sep-2021 09-Oct-2021 $ 5106 Yes
GarhwalKumaon RINEBC Nanda Devi East Base Camp and Milam Glacier Trek 19 Days 18-Oct-2021 05-Nov-2021 $ 4186 Yes
GarhwalKumaon RIGANG2 Source of the Legendary Ganges 12 Days 24-Oct-2021 04-Nov-2021 $ 2456 Yes
GarhwalKumaon RIKUA2 KUARI PASS (CURZON’S TRAIL) 15 Days 23-Oct-2021 06-Nov-2021 $ 2833 Yes