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Gentle Trekking for beginners and physically fit. Not too steep gradients. Altitude does not go above 3500m, 4 – 5 hrs of walking Good physical condition, 4 6 /7 hrs of walking. Highest camping will not exceed 4500m. Varied trails gentle to steep ascents and descents. Good physical condition, crossing High passes upto 5400m, mixed terrain with walking on boulders, glacier, steep ascents and descents, long walking hours upto 8/9hrs. Excellent physical condition, camping at about 5000m, glacier crossing, high altitude passes, demanding walking for upto 9 hrs, more than 2 weeks walking.
White Water Rafting White Water Rafting
Easy, small waves with generally class II rapids if any Class III Rapids. Numerous waves, High and irregular. Requires significant maneuvering. Occasional Class 4. Experienced paddling skills Class IV Rapids. High waves, rocks, boiling eddies. Scouting important, sharp maneuvering. Class V Rapids. Huge waves, Big Volume river, large rocks. Scouting necessary, requires precise maneuvering
Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
Several flat routes with odd climbs and descents. For anyone who can ride a bike and exercises a bit. 25-40 kms per day. Rolling terrain, some rocky paths, forest roads, slightly longer days. For the leisure cyclist who exercises regularly. 40-60 kms per day. Long Days with big climbs and descents, dirt tracks, above 3000 mtrs. For regular bikers and reasonably fit people. 50-80 kms per day. High Altitude(4500m+), gruelling climbs, long days, tougher terrain, requires demanding and technical cycling experience. Excellent physical condition essential. 70-100 kms per day
Mountaineering Mountaineering
Rock scrambling or easy snow slopes; some glacier travel; often climbed ropeless except on glaciers. Alpine Grading F Steep climbing or long snow/ice slopes above 50; for experienced alpine climbers only. Alpine Grading AD Sustained snow and ice slopes of up 65-80 degree, serious, remote, and technical. Alpine Grading D to TD The most serious climbs with the most continuous difficulties. Alpine Grading ED
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