Why Rimo?

The founders of Rimo are from the mountains - Ladakh and Darjeeling. The rest of the staff hails from different regions of the Himalaya and India. This being the case, the mountain ethos runs through the whole company and forms its backbone. We have grown up playing around regions you now wish to visit. It’s so easy for us to take you around our homeland.

May it be trekking, rafting, biking or jeep safari we have done it and tried it personally. We speak the local language, we understand the culture- it is our culture, and we share the lives of the local people. Through us you can gain an insight into the real Himalaya. A unique experience that otherwise may not be available to you.

Nothing in Rimo is sublet. We run the whole show ...lock, stock and barrel! Right from meeting you at the Airport to seeing you off, we manage everything –happily and efficiently. The whole trekking crew, the office staff and all the people you correspond with during your entire trip are from Rimo.

Rimo Expeditions has become synonymous with excellence in the Himalaya. Adventure travel involves risks and when choosing a company to run an adventure trip, this is done so by checking the company’s safety standards, capabilities, equipment and guides…and we figure right up there, at the top. Look no further.

Some pointers on why us
Actual Service Providers

We are the only Indian company who operate across the Himalaya (India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan) maintaining the same quality of service without subletting any. When booking with Rimo, you are booking with the “Actual Service Providers”.

Rimo has an excellent network wherever they operate. You are met at every airport, railway station and handled with personal care. Once you are with Rimo, clients say that they are in safe hands and don’t have to worry.

Environmental Consciousness

We are committed to protecting the fragile environment of the Himalayan mountain ranges and believe in zero impact trekking. We inculcate environmental consciousness amongst our staff and encourage similar responsibility in fellow travellers. As an active member of the All Ladakh Tour Operators Association (ALTOA), Rimo initiated and organized, together with tour operators of Ladakh, the first-ever clean up of the Markha and Stok Valley in 2000. We brought back 30 horse loads of tins, bottles and garbage. It has been an on-going exercise ever since. Our rafting division too has clean up runs on the Indus and Zanskar rivers during the season.


We believe that a good guide and crew are fundamental to a great trek. We hand pick and then personally train all our guides. They are strong, patient, experienced, competent, helpful, and willing to learn. Since they are indigenous to the areas you visit, they can provide rich insights into the cultures you experience and the places you journey through. Our guides’ ongoing professional development is a priority. They are sent for language courses, mountaineering training and medical skills courses.

As responsible employers, we ensure that both guides and porters have proper medical and life insurance. We adhere to the norms laid out by the International Porters’ Protection Group, UK. Furthermore, we equip all our high altitude porters with proper footwear, sunglasses, hats and jackets. We care for the people who care for you.


Our clients have equated our treks with moving feasts. Five to six different dishes are presented at any one meal. We want you to remain healthy while you savour our food. The ability of our cooks to hygienically prepare healthy, tasty and wholesome food, in even the most remote areas never fails to amaze clients. Vegetarian options are available. Let us know if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary: We’ll make it memorable!


Holidays are fun as long as nothing goes wrong. But, out in the wilderness, nature isn’t always the perfect host. If the unexpected occurs, it is crucial that you be in safe and capable hands. Our guides and crew are trained to handle emergency situations. They are quick thinking, pro-active and professional. We do not compromise on your safety. Hyperbaric chamber bags are provided on high altitude treks involving high mountain pass crossings. Portable oxygen cylinders are taken on all high altitude treks apart from the first –Aid kit.

Mountaineering Equipment

Rimo trekking and mountaineering equipment are the best available in the trade. You do not need to bring expensive personal equipment. We can equip you from head to toe. Contact us for details. A small measure of this boast: Members of the Japanese Alpine Club arrived for their Karakoram expedition carrying just a duffel bag for personal gear!


We are most busy in the Ladakh season and hence we deemed it fit to have a good base here – where everything can be housed and managed easily. Our office cum store at Ladakh is that and much more. It is an open space where anybody interested in Adventure Travel in the Himalaya can come and spend quality time. It comprises our stores for Climbing & trekking equipment, Ration and kitchen items, office, staff quarters and a library. Apart from Ladakh we also have offices in Darjeeling and Gurgaon. Gurgaon, is where we work from in the off-season. All the herculean logistics that adventure travel demands take place from this office. This is the nerve centre of all our operations.

Magnitude of Operations

We have the manpower and infrastructure to handle all our trekking groups in house. We have catered to as many as 500 people trekking and climbing at the same time in different parts of the Himalaya with an average trekking trip being about 2 weeks.

Besides trekking and mountaineering, we even conduct activities like rafting and mountain biking for which we have our own team and equipment and set up. We have our rafting camp by the Ganges open from Oct to end of April. We handle some of the most difficult treks and expeditions and venture into areas where no adventure operator does.

We are consulted regularly on climbing issues. We have conducted rescue operations in Ladakh and Sikkim and have had embassies contact us for search and rescue operations for their nationals.


Consistency of delivering Quality service over the years has been our forte. Be it equipment used, food or hospitality we can boast of always sticking to the high standards we have set for ourselves. The whole team works with just one aim in mind – to keep you comfortable and make the whole adventure enjoyable. Your smiling faces when you return is our greatest reward.Until Rimo Expeditions began around 1992, all Ladakhi tour operators were dependent on City tour operators for work.

Rimo Expeditions were the first company to set up office in Delhi and work directly with the inbound tour operators and in the direct market. Rimo Expeditions has set high standards of quality in the field of adventure tourism which has encouraged the youth of Ladakh to follow us. Motup is highly respected for his wide vision in the tourism industry of Ladakh.


From one of our esteemed clients’ whose been trekking with us for many years now>>

Because they know what they do: they do what they promise; they and their team, be it guide, cook, assisting staff or office employee, they will look after you so well, and cater to your every need, that you would rather stay on then go home!

If you trek, then the most experienced, well educated guides will accompany you. The best tents and sleeping bags are provided, and the meals rival the best restaurants. Jeep Safari and you ride in the neatest cars with the most experienced drivers. And when you climb, you are outfitted from head to foot with best material available to climbers today.

Oh and not to forget the Rafting, where the experienced team caters to all as well as groups of young school children.And last but not least the warmth and care from the whole company accompanies you from the moment you get in touch via Internet or phone, to the moment they put you back on the flight home.You will have the experience of a life time, an experience you will most certainly repeat again and again."