Kanchenjunga (8586m), the 3rd highest peak in the world borders Nepal, Tibet and the state of Sikkim in India and is highly revered by the Sikkimese . The cluster of peaks is the source of five major glacial systems of which Zemu, Rathong and Talung flows into Sikkim and feeds the Teesta river whilst the Yalung and Kanchenjunga glaciers feed the Tamur river. Kanchenjunga area was visited only from the Sikkim side and it was only in 1989 that Nepal allowed trekking in this region which still remains remote and isolated as compared to other parts of Nepal. The area is rich in flora and fauna.
The trek follows a circular route crossing the Sinelapcha la (4690m) & Mirgin la (4640m) to the Kanchenjunga North Base camp. 
A strenuous trek, the route ascends through five of Nepal’s climatic zones(tropical, sub-tropical, temperate, sub-alpine and alpine) allowing the progression from the hot and humid Terai up through larger and then more isolated villages to the foothills passing bamboo thickets and rhododendron, pine and larch forests and past rice paddy terraces and cardamom plantations to traversing cliffs and steep gorges and crossing passes to get to the higher reaches of glaciers and mountains. As you keep getting higher, the views keep getter better and better especially the views of the great north face of Kanchenjunga and Yalung Kang from Pangpema. This trek remains one of best remote treks in Nepal and is  not likely to be overrun with trekkers due to the remoteness and logistics.

Trip Highlights

Spectacular mountain views.

Ascent to the South-West and North Base Camp of Kanchenjunga.

Fascinating Limbu and Sherpa Villages.