The Tsang po river from Tibet flows into India as Siang and after the confluence of Dibang and Lohit becomes the great Brahmaputra. While most Indian rivers bear female names, this river has a rare male name, as it means "son of Brahma" in Sanskrit. The expedition on the great Brahmaputra begins at Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh where it is still called the Siang. Get ready for some of the best big white water the world has on offer for rafting. You'll be pumping adrenaline all the way as you hit rapids such as the ‘Pulsating Pulsi’ and ‘Toothfairy’ at Cherring. This self contained river run offers an awe-inspiring journey through tropical forests, gorges and a peek into a rich culture, unlike any other. The Great Brahmaputra is for anyone who is looking for an exhilarating rafting and kayaking experience that is sure to leave you with goose bumps whenever you think about it. We camp on a beach beside the river almost every night of the expedition and doze off, gazing at the stars as we slip into dreams of the adventures of the day and look forward to the next.

Trip Highlights
  • Raft down the fourth largest river by discharge in the world (700 thousand cubic feet per second)
  • Negotiate one of the world's best big white water
  • Land rich in culture and indigenous tribes
  • Ferry boat ride up the Brahmaputra River