This trek is considered one of the most spectacular in the Himalaya.

The attractions of this trek are diverse and many. The semi tropical and alpine forests at lower altitude are sanctuary to a weath of birdlife and flora, while above the treeline there is every chance of seeing blue sheep and various species of eagels and vultures. Throughout the trek there are magnificent views of the moutains, with Chomolhari( 22,500 ft), Jitchu Drake and Tsering Gang being particularly prominent. This trek also provides a fascinating insight into Bhutan's ethnic diversity. The most important villages of Laya, Gasa and Lingshi fall on this trekking route and these villages are home to a mountain people of Tibeto - Burmese origin who are famous for their yak hair clothing and conical bamboo hats. You will also meet semi - nomadic families grazing their yaks on the high summer pastures.

Beginning upstream along the Parochu, we follow the ancient caravan route to Tibet, through the Seo valley in the shadows of Chomolhari and Jitchu Drake, over the Nyele la pass and into the Lingshi valley. The many lakes in the Seo valley abound in fish and is an every anglers dream. At Lingshi, we get to visit the picturesque Dzong from where it is actually only a day's walk to Tibet. Heading east over the 3 high passes of Gobula, Jarila and Shinjela, we enter the famous Laya valley. The ethnic diversity of the nomads here can be seen in the villages. We then continue on to the well known hot springs of Gasa ending our trek at Tashitang - the road head from where we meet with vehicles and drive to Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan.

The trek involves some 150 miles of rugged walking across passes upto 4960m. All efforts are worth it in this outstanding trek in one of the most remote and beautiful corners of the Himalaya.

Trip Highlights
  • Taktsang monastery
  • Spectacular scenery
  • Crossing high passes
  • Hot Springs
  • Villages of Lingshi, Laya, Gasa
  • Thimphu