Nepal, the Last Hindu Kingdom and birth place of Siddharta Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism  is synonymous with Everest and the Himalaya – a land of spectacular beauty and a unique culture in its  most diverse geographical regions. It contains an incredible variety of terrain in a relatively small area, ranging from the tropical lowlands of the “Terai” at about 300 ft above sea level to the summit of Mt. Everest at (8848m). 
With a rich & diverse cultural heritage,  Nepal boasts of exquisite architecture and craftsmanship as can be seen in the temples and towns that you visit. The cultural diversity can be seen as about 40 ethnic groups living  across the length and breadth of Nepal –each of them speaking a different language and culture yet all of them living in harmony. With  its picturesque villages, friendly people and soaring peaks across  varied countryside, & landscape, Nepal remains the most attractive Himalayan  destination in the world luring people over and over again 


Trip Highlights
  • Visiting ancient heritage sites 
  • Bandipur town
  • Pokhara – one of the best places to visit 
  • Dhampus
  • Chitwan Jungle Safari