Garhwal, the abode of the gods, nestles in the midst of the Himalaya, the mountains in this region being more immediate and impressive than any other region. Beside the snowcapped Himalaya,  Garhwal is a land of ancient temples , sacred rivers, ancient history and folklore, a land mentioned in ancient history of India. 

On this wonderful trip, we begin in the foothills - the holy city of Rishikesh drive to  Gangotri to begin the trek right up to the source of the legendary Ganges -( Gaumukh as is known though many believe that the Ganges can be seen in a liquid state near Nandavan making believe that Gangotri peak is the actual source of the Ganges)  passing several beautiful trails through dense forests of Deodar, Cypress, Pine and Rhododendrons. These trails alongwith the soaring Himalaya is complemented by the glistening glaciers. We go on to Tapovan and Nandavan which has attracted many travellers and trekkers since time immemorial because of its sheer captivating beauty. The beautiful meadows of Tapovan is a delight to visit as you have the Shivling peak ( 6543m) - the Matterhorn of India,  rising high on one side flanked by Meru and Kedardome and the peaks of Bhagirathi on the other side. 

Trip Highlights
  • Aarti ceremony in Rishikesh
  • Temples of Gangotri
  • Gaumukh – source of the Ganges
  • Breathtaking views of Soaring Himalayan Peaks