The ancient Buddhist kingdom of Zanskar, hidden deep in the western reaches of the Great Himalayan Range, has little contact with the outside world. Even the famous Himalayan caravan routes didn't pass this way since snow keeps Zanskar's high passes inaccessible most of the year. During the winter months, the locals commute by walking across the frozen Zanskar River. 

This trek takes you across several high passes with the rocky folds of the Zanskari landscape ever changing colours by the light. You get to visit medieval villages; many nestled into cliff sides, irrigated fields of buckwheat and green pea patches and some well known monasteries - Lingshed, Karsha, Sani. The trails near the villages are lined with exquisitely carved mani stones and you get to see the women folk in their fields.

Trip Highlights
  • Mesmerizing landscape
  • Ancient monasteries
  • Village visits
  • High Passes
  • Drive with Views of the Drang Durung Glacier, Nun Kun peaks and the Suru Valley