History of some of the recorded climbs:

Satopanth lies at the end of the bend of the Gangotri glacier which turns east and northward. Its massif peak can be seen for miles around as it is surrounded by all 6000m peaks. 

First climbed by the Swiss in 1947, the peak till date has had several successes from various possible routes. The Swiss first climbed it from the NE Ridge taking the right branch of the Sundar glacier up the icy slope to the shattered rock forming the bse of a high weathered pinnacle from where they went to North col at 6000m.A difficult approach was takenfrom here up a snow and ice cornice ridge to the foot of the snowy avalanche prone slope (6400m)slope direct to the summit ridge. This face however has been attempted several times and again has had many successes.

Trip Highlights
  • Climbing Mt. Satopanth (7075m)